How can Lycored colors help you?

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Discover our super stable colors

Consumer preference for natural colors is growing, meanwhile, manufacturers seek product stability - Lycored super stable colors are the perfect solution to both.

Fruit preps – true to fruit.

We set out to test the stability and highlight the lack of migration of our natural colors versus market alternatives, in particular, carmine. We tested our true to fruit colors in 4 fruit preparations relative to other alternatives on the market. See the results in the video below...

Super Stable Colors 

We tested the color stability of strawberry flavored UHT milk drinks  See the results in the video above

Colors that make a splash.

We carried out stability tests on no added sugar, orange and strawberry flavored sparkling waters over a 12 month shelf life.     Click below to find out more  

Color with confidence

Our tests prove that Lycored super stable colors appeal to consumers, as well as being more robust, with a longer shelf life, and offer more packaging, display and storage flexibility than their artificial counterparts. This offers manufacturers the opportunity to access fresher and more natural brand positioning for their food products. To learn more about how Lycored super stable colors can enhance your food offering, contact us today.

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