SANTE, deliciousness naturally

SANTE is a naturally derived taste enhancer, available as a liquid or powder, that fosters a balanced roundness and intensity in savoury products. Naturally rich in taste compounds that provide a flavorful combination of Umami and Kokumi, SANTE is a real food ingredient that carries a simple 'Tomato Concentrate' label declaration.


Enhance the authentic flavour of a wide range of savoury applications. 


Replace out of favor ingredients such as MSG, HVP, Yeast Extracts and ING.


Achieve up to 65% less sodium with improved taste impact.


Improve label appeal with a simple 
'Tomato Concentrate' declaration. 

Explore healthy crave-ability opportunities with SANTE  

Contact us so we can show you how SANTE can help you bring
Great Taste and Better for You together. 


SANTE accentuates existing flavor characteristics while remaining taste neutral.
Ideal for a wide range of applications.

Soups, Sauces,
Stocks & Boullions

Mayonnaise & Dressings

Ready Meals

Snack Seasonings

Meat Products

Spice Blends